St Anthony’s School for Girls Announce New Scholarships

St Anthony’s School for Girls is pleased to offer scholarships of 20 per cent of annual school fees, from September 2017.  This will amount to a reduction in school fees of at least £3500 per year.

St. Anthony’s School for Girls facilitates the achievement of academic excellence, in a caring and highly supportive, individualistic environment.

Students benefit from:

  • Small class sizes
  • Tailored pupil support
  • Innovative teaching pedagogy – such as Singapore Maths technique

Join us for a school tour when you can see the variety of facilities, talk to parents and teachers.

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Outstanding 11+ Results

Our first cohort of 13 Year 6 girls have achieved outstanding 11+ results. Offers received are listed below.

London Day Schools                                       

Channing School                                                     9 offers

City of London School for Girls                            1 offer

Francis Holland, Regents Park                            6 offers (2 Academic Exhibitions)

Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls               3 offers

Highgate School                                                      3 offers

Immanuel College                                                  1 offer

Mill Hill School                                                       3 offers (1 Academic Scholarship)

North Bridge House School                                 1 offer

North London Collegiate School                         2 offers

Portland Place School                                            1 offer

Queen’s College School                                           5 offers (1 Music Scholarship)

Queenswood School                                                4 offers (1 Academic Scholarship)

South Hampstead High School                            2 offers

St. Michael’s Grammar School                             2 offers

The King Alfred School                                          1 offer

Country Boarding Schools

St. Swithun’s School                                              2 offers

Wycombe Abbey School                                       1 offer