St. Anthony’s School for Boys

St. Anthony’s School for Girls is an exciting new sister school to the highly successful St. Anthony’s School for boys. St. Anthony’s School for Boys is an academic IAPS preparatory school for boys from age 4-13. The School is located in Hampstead on two sites at Fitzjohn’s Avenue and Arkwright Road. It is Roman Catholic but welcomes boys of other faiths. The majority of boys transfer to leading Independent schools including: Ampleforth, City of London, Eton, Harrow, Highgate, Mill Hill, St. Paul’s, Sevenoaks, University College & Westminster.

St. Anthony’s was founded in Eastbourne by Richard Patton in the Victorian period. It relocated to London in 1952. In 2009 the Patton family decided that the future of the school could be best secured by becoming part of the distinguished group of Alpha Plus Schools. The religious identity of the school was guaranteed by the creation of a Catholic Pastoral Board including a member of the family who previously owned the school, distinguished ex-parents and an education director of Alpha Plus Group. Since 2010, the school has been formally inspected both by the Diocese of Westminster and the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Both inspections designated the school “outstanding”.

Good Schools Guide

“Run in its own highly individual way, with a famously alternative ‘vibe’, creative and quirky, underpinned by a strong Catholic ethos”. “Parents felt concern when the school was taken over by the efficient operator Alpha Plus, but have found that a professional distance has been kept, while judicious investment has brought the infrastructure into tip-top shape.”

Diocesan Report

“St. Anthony’s Preparatory school is a very good Catholic school with many outstanding features. The combination of a relaxed family atmosphere with a rigorous commitmaent to educational excellence provides for a school community where pupils thrive.”

ISI Report

“Pupils’ achievements are excellent, fulfi lling the aims of the school: pupils benefit greatly from the informal yet structured environment. Pupils are highly successful in winning places and scholarships to a range of selective schools. The spiritual development of the boys is excellent. They are thoughtful; they express their faith clearly, and show consideration and respect for one another’s views. Pupils develop a strong moral code and are well developed socially, displaying good manners and respect for every member of the community.”

Outstanding 11+ Results

Our first cohort of 13 Year 6 girls have achieved outstanding 11+ results. Offers received are listed below.

London Day Schools                                       

Channing School                                                     9 offers

City of London School for Girls                            1 offer

Francis Holland, Regents Park                            6 offers (2 Academic Exhibitions)

Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls               3 offers

Highgate School                                                      3 offers

Immanuel College                                                  1 offer

Mill Hill School                                                       3 offers (1 Academic Scholarship)

North Bridge House School                                 1 offer

North London Collegiate School                         2 offers

Portland Place School                                            1 offer

Queen’s College School                                           5 offers (1 Music Scholarship)

Queenswood School                                                4 offers (1 Academic Scholarship)

South Hampstead High School                            2 offers

St. Michael’s Grammar School                             2 offers

The King Alfred School                                          1 offer

Country Boarding Schools

St. Swithun’s School                                              2 offers

Wycombe Abbey School                                       1 offer