School Life

School Life

The happiness and welfare of our students is of utmost importance to us at St. Anthony’s School for Girls. In order to achieve their full potential, we ensure the girls are happy and comfortable in both pastoral and academic aspects of their school life.

Each member of our staff takes responsibility for the pastoral well-being of the children. We teach our girls to be kind to one another and to be respectful of themselves and others.

As a Catholic school, we teach tolerance and respect for others’ beliefs and celebrate key festivities from world faiths. Through our PSHE curriculum, the girls explore the meaning and practice of respecting equality and diversity.

The views and opinions of the girls are taken through the School Council whose representatives meet to discuss key school issues. The School Council discuss school life and opportunities outside of school that enable us to improve the lives of others.

Good behaviour is celebrated by teachers in class and certificates are awarded in an end of half-term assembly. The certificates celebrate pupils who have shown kindness and consideration in their actions. Certificates also reward those demonstrating key characteristics of effective learning such as perseverance and critical thinking.

Our PSHE curriculum develops understanding of a maintaining a healthy body, mind and relationships. Our school caterers, CH&Co, teach the children about nutrition through the healthy choices available at lunch and special themed menus.

Furthermore, with Golders Hill Park next door, girls get regular exercise and fresh air throughout the school day. St. Anthony’s Girls also promotes healthy practices such as walking to school, of which more details can be found in our School Travel Plan.



Come and Visit Us!

All prospective parents are warmly invited to attend our Wednesday morning singing assemblies and experience first hand what St Anthony’s Girls has to offer. 

Daily, personal tours available with the Headteacher, Donal Brennan.

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