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Extra-Curricular Drama

Spencer Stage School offers an after school drama club for girls of all ages.

‘Spencer Stage School provides a safe environment in which anyone can express themselves, build confidence, make new friends and develop creativity.

Each week is different. Students will work with script, create improvisations and mime, learn technique, play drama games and develop the voice. These activities will nurture listening skills, confidence, spontaneity and the imagination. Drama is extremely important for developing language skills and concentration.

With the help of an experienced drama teacher, children will develop their performance skills and use role play, make believe, improvisations, mime and voice development in a safe and creative environment where they can express themselves freely.’

Please contact the school office if you would like more information about Spencer Stage School Drama club.

LAMDA Examinations

We also offer the opportunity for girls to take up LAMDA exams as an extra-curricular activity.

We are delighted that Bernard Krichefski, an immensely experienced television drama producer, theatre director, playwright and screenwriter is working with us.

Bernard provides coaching to pupils for the LAMDA exams in Performance (Acting) and also offers coaching in Verse and Prose speaking.

The idea is positively not to turn the children into professional actors, but to support the development of self-confidence, empathy and communication skills –  something underpinning everything we already strive toward with Drama at St Anthony’s.

Upcoming Open Days

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