Pre Prep Girls

Pre Prep

The Prep School at St. Anthony’s School for Girl’s equips each pupil with the academic ability, social awareness, confidence and self-motivation required for a natural transition to senior school. Core subjects are taught across year groups by specialist teachers.

A greater depth of learning is achieved through continual challenges and thoughtful questioning. Pupils are also encouraged to pose their own questions to broaden their knowledge of a subject. Moral questions and critical thinking are woven into the school day through class discussions around literature, pondering a ‘big question’ during whole school assembly or tackling a problem-solving task in mathematics.


Our prep school students will often be ‘free readers’, but their reading education continues as the focus shifts from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’. Comprehension skills are taught daily through guided reading sessions. Skills in inference and reasoning are developed further when studying text in other curriculum areas such as Religion and History.

Creative writing is inspired by authors such as Ted Hughes, Phillip Pullman and Anthony Brown through our ‘Power of Reading’ lessons. Guided by our expert teachers, pupils quickly become adept at ‘unpicking’ a text or poem through whole class reading and discussion. Skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar are practised daily and pupils strive to write with accuracy. We hold high expectations of our writers to ensure they are ready to thrive in the next stage of their academic life.


Our mathematics curriculum continuously builds and consolidates knowledge so that pupils reach a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Extensive practice is built in to the programme in order to develop fluency and mastery. Emphasis is placed on the development of intellectual competence such as the ability to visualise. Our pupils are taught ways of ‘seeing’ the mathematics within a problem using heuristics for problem solving. Through our guided and independent practice sessions, pupils become competent in applying these problem-solving tools to any age-appropriate mathematical problem.


Our curriculum recognizes that girls’ natural curiosity for the world around them. Experience based learning ensures that the girls develop a confident understanding of scientific concepts. The science laboratory facilities enable practical, hands-on challenging learning opportunities to be offered to the girls.

The Broader Curriculum

The girls at St. Anthony’s follow a broad curriculum in order to maintain a balance between academic, physical and creative nourishment. Ensuring this important equilibrium helps to better equip pupils with a broad variety of skills to be a lifelong learner: a well-rounded, happy and confident child.

The girls have weekly art and designs lessons, drama, singing, sport, ballet, ICT, Mandarin and French.

Beyond the Classroom

In addition to their timetabled subjects, our girls have the choice and opportunity to further develop their individual interests through our rich extra-curricular offerings. Subjects such as Spanish, Latin, German, Chess, Robotics, Ballet, Street Dance, Karate, Yoga and Choir are just a few of the clubs available.

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