Early Years

The aim within the EYFS Reception class at St. Anthony’s School for Girls is to provide a firm foundation on which all aspects of education are built. We aim to provide a curriculum that is broad and balanced in content and wide-ranging in approach, helping to ensure future progress and success. We believe that we should create a learning environment that is motivating, exciting and caring, in order to contribute to the children’s positive self-esteem and love of learning.

Main Aims

  • To facilitate the development of our children’s skills, knowledge and attitudes in the seven areas of development, according to their learning needs and levels of understanding.
  • To develop foundation skills with a view of helping the children grow into independent and successful young learners.
  • To promote good health, emotional wellbeing and mutual respect for others.
  • To provide a happy, safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environment in which the above can flourish.
  • To work closely with parents as partners in their children’s development and learning.

The Learning Environment

At St. Anthony’s School for Girls, each area of learning is reflected in the classroom environment and resources are organised accordingly. The EYFS learning environment inside and outside is organised to promote independent learning and the girls are responsible for their own learning environment. Through being able to choose their own resources, the girls are encouraged to be aware of and take control of their own learning.

We maintain a high standard of display in the EYFS Reception classroom, which reflects current learning and takes into consideration the interests of the children. Children’s work is presented and displayed with care to show the children that their contributions are valued and important.

The Outdoors

Children freely have access to the EYFS outdoor area throughout the day, and are taken regularly to Golders Hill Park. Our outside area promotes Forest School learning. This includes areas for digging and discovery, areas for growing and even a minibeast hotel!  Reception children have the opportunity to plant and grow vegetables in the garden as part of our gardening club.

Outstanding 11+ Results

Our first cohort of 13 Year 6 girls have achieved outstanding 11+ results. Offers received are listed below.

London Day Schools                                       

Channing School                                                     9 offers

City of London School for Girls                            1 offer

Francis Holland, Regents Park                            6 offers (2 Academic Exhibitions)

Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls               3 offers

Highgate School                                                      3 offers

Immanuel College                                                  1 offer

Mill Hill School                                                       3 offers (1 Academic Scholarship)

North Bridge House School                                 1 offer

North London Collegiate School                         2 offers

Portland Place School                                            1 offer

Queen’s College School                                           5 offers (1 Music Scholarship)

Queenswood School                                                4 offers (1 Academic Scholarship)

South Hampstead High School                            2 offers

St. Michael’s Grammar School                             2 offers

The King Alfred School                                          1 offer

Country Boarding Schools

St. Swithun’s School                                              2 offers

Wycombe Abbey School                                       1 offer