11+ Destination of Leavers

11+ Destinations of Leavers

At St. Anthony’s, we delight in teaching the 11+ syllabus in its entirety. We are teaching beyond the exam; we want to ensure that the creative curriculum is taught in the broadest sense as girls prepare for the 11+ examination. The nurturing environment at St. Anthony’s mean that the Year 6 girls are supportive of each other at all times, they work collaboratively, with girls rallying and motivating each other throughout the process.

Led by dynamic and inspirational teachers and supported by thoughtful parents, our girls were determined and focused. This winning combination ensured resulted in a resounding success for our inaugural 2020 Year 6 class of thirteen girls.


March Open Days – Come and See Us

St. Anthony’s Nursery:

Tuesday 2nd March and Tuesday 16th March, 9am to 1pm

St. Anthony’s School for Girls:

Thursday 4th March and Thursday 18th March, 9am to 1pm

To register your interest, please email info@stanthonysgirls.co.uk or call 020 3869 3070.