The front of St. Anthony's Girls School

About Us

St. Anthony’s School for Girls welcomes pupils aged four to eleven and our nursery school welcomes girls and boys from the age of two and a half to four. Rated by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ in all areas, we provide a safe, nurturing environment for young girls to thrive academically, socially and spiritually.

St. Anthony’s School for Girls sets high academic standards whilst being deeply focused on nurturing the individual. Our family atmosphere develops respect and compassion, creating an environment in which kindness is a core value. By learning in a setting where they feel safe, secure and valued, St. Anthony’s girls will grow to be confident and resilient young women, well prepared for the wider world.

Our curriculum combines the best of traditional teaching methods, with new and innovative approaches to education. All subjects are taught by highly skilled, passionate teachers who strive to deliver engaging and challenging lessons to pupils of all ages. The success behind our curriculum model lies in our active and hands on approach to learning. We believe in the development of transferable skills, in particular, skills for learning which will remain with the girls until adulthood. Our girls are taught independence, to take ownership of their learning, to be curious and ask questions, to problem solve, ask probing questions and delve into a new subject by asking ‘what if?’

We proudly celebrate our culturally diverse, multi faith community and teach tolerance and respect for all faiths within our Catholic environment. We share the ethos and values of our sister school, St. Anthony’s School for Boys and teach these key moral values as part of our religious curriculum and through our day to day interactions with pupils.

To discover more about us, explore our website further or contact us using the details on our contact page.

Come and Visit Us!

All prospective parents are warmly invited to attend our Wednesday morning singing assemblies and experience first hand what St Anthony’s Girls has to offer. 

Daily, personal tours available with the Headteacher, Donal Brennan.

To book, please contact Margaret at