Year 1 Postal Museum

30th October 19

WIN 20191016 10 35 42 Pro (002)

Year 1 had a fabulous trip to the Postal Museum where they travelled over the hills and far away, helping The Jolly Postman collect, sort and deliver post for familiar fairy tale characters in a humorous and lively way. The workshop was packed with intriguing props including a giant version of the book. The girls brimmed with confidence as they used song, rhyme, mime and movement to bring the story to life and became a team of jolly posties.

WIN 20191016 10 35 42 Pro (002)
Outstanding 11+ Results

Our first cohort of 13 Year 6 girls have achieved outstanding 11+ results. Offers received are listed below.

London Day Schools                                       

Channing School                                                     9 offers

City of London School for Girls                            1 offer

Francis Holland, Regents Park                            6 offers (2 Academic Exhibitions)

Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls               3 offers

Highgate School                                                      3 offers

Immanuel College                                                  1 offer

Mill Hill School                                                       3 offers (1 Academic Scholarship)

North Bridge House School                                 1 offer

North London Collegiate School                         2 offers

Portland Place School                                            1 offer

Queen’s College School                                           5 offers (1 Music Scholarship)

Queenswood School                                                4 offers (1 Academic Scholarship)

South Hampstead High School                            2 offers

St. Michael’s Grammar School                             2 offers

The King Alfred School                                          1 offer

Country Boarding Schools

St. Swithun’s School                                              2 offers

Wycombe Abbey School                                       1 offer