Year 3 Trip to the Natural History Museum

4th May 17

Last Friday 28th April, Year 3 visited the National History Museum in South Kensington in order to explore and discover more about their Science topic, Rocks. During their visit, the girls undertook the geologist challenge, setting off on a race against time to complete 6 challenges found in the Earth’s Treasury gallery before time was up. Challenge titles included Precious Gems, Marvelous Metals and Gold Rush. The girls found out a variety of exciting facts such as the best rocks used in home-building, how to identify different rock specimens according to their colour and how gold can be made into thread used for embroidery.  The class also had the chance to look around the fossils exhibit, stumbling upon some of the largest ever dinosaur finds discovered by acclaimed paleontologist Mary Anning. One of the pupils said of the visit: “It was scary when we went into a simulation of the 1995 earthquake in Kobe. It felt really real.” Another especially enjoyed looking at all the priceless gems… The class looked forward to returning to their Science lessons brimming with new knowledge and questions to investigate!

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