Girls running across the field

Author Lou Kuenzler Visit

10th February 17

Last week, as part of National Storytelling Week, St. Anthony’s School for Girls hosted a Whole Day of Reading! The girls brought in their favourite tales to compete in the inaugural SASG Book Election and participated in some Drop Everything And Read to celebrate putting aside time for reading for pleasure, with even staff members taking part! Olivia also read an excerpt from one of her favourites, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit which Year 3 are excited to continue listening to!

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the visit from renowned children’s author Lou Kuenzler. Lou spent time with Year 3 reading from one of her Bella Broomstick novels and provided the girls with some invaluable author tips for good storytelling.  The girls were instructed to think of their pencils as magic wands and to think of similes as magic felt-tip pens that draw pictures with our words! We created our own exclamations that the characters might have used, using alliteration, such as whizzing wasps, sugary snakes and even squatting squirrels! After a story reading with Reception, Lou was kind enough to sign some of her books for the girls which they can’t wait to enjoy! For homework, Year 3 even carried on the story from the extract Lou had read using some of her tips, which were a real treat!